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How they get into you and steal everything - Libero Cottidiano

How they get into you and steal everything – Libero Cottidiano

Our cars are targeted by hackers. He explains it Marco Kamisani Calsolari, From Hi-Tech Expert Remove messages It invites spectators and followers to focus on those who can control the four wheels from the outside. More and more integrated with such advanced features Processor Temperature, air conditioning, heating, door openings, stereo must be controlled from the outside. Up to the most advanced electric machines, every aspect of which is integrated. “A hacker was able to control, at the same time, even remotely 20 cars In 10 different countries, you can check the headlights and stereo to see if the driver is driving.

A hacker can read home address from browser, On or off Remote car, change tire pressure reading, apply brakes and force the car to accelerate. Or less dangerous but equally annoying things: change the song we were listening to, turn on the glass wipers, turn on the air conditioning in the winter or the heat in the summer.

“How to defend ourselves? Unfortunately, it’s up to the car manufacturers to do this. Disable wi-fi When required, as provided by the sample. Or do not program Home address In Navigator, do not browse for unknown addresses in the browser provided by the car and go to trusted workshops because sometimes they send vehicle data to hackers. Among other things, the former is contagious ransomware, Viruses that block the car and it will not start until the first ransom is paid.

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