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Over 1 million downloads of Covid app

1 million downloads of the Kovid app

In the news · 09-10-2020 01:00:00 0 comments

Since the app was launched a month ago, the ‘StayAway Kovid’ screening application has been installed on 1.26 million smartphones and more than 100 patients have used the device to warn of the dangers of contacting others.

Data about the app was released by the President of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), who took stock during the first month of the application, which opened on September 1, at a general press conference on the Kovid-19 epidemic in Portugal. .

According to Louis Goes Pinheiro, out of more than one million users, 107 codes related to positive testing are already included in the application.

These signals are assigned to the ‘TraceCovid’ platform whenever a user tests positive for a new coronavirus and can be inserted into a screening application to alert all recent risk contacts using the ‘StayCovid’ tool.

“We know this is an application based on the principle of freedom. The freedom to install, the freedom to use it and the freedom to enter the code when provided by the doctor ”, explained the Head of Shared Services to justify the small number of codes.

In this regard, the SPMS president actually had the opportunity to call people to use the app and, in particular, users testing positiveness, were reminded that data protection is not an issue.

“If they do, those with high-risk contacts in recent days will not know who entered the code. Their anonymity is always guaranteed, ”he assured.

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The ‘Stayway Kovid’ app, which allows the detection of Kovid-19 infectious networks, has been the source of some contacts for the National Health Line since its first week of launch.

As of September 1, SNS 24 had already received 106 calls from people notified by the application.

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