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How does the Hades run on the Nintendo Switch?

How does the Hades run on the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch sees a steady stream of ported games ported from other, more powerful, platforms such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

But the switch does not have the graphical horsepower of other platforms, so frequent discounts should be given for running the game. Because of these discounts, a great game switch on a platform can be an absolute disaster. Or, in the best cases, the main strengths of the game can be transferred, even if the graphics or performance is damaged.

Today we are looking at the switch version Hades.

What is Hades?

In its main part, Hades Rogellike action game set in the guts of the underworld of Greek mythology. You control Zagros, the nominal son of the underworld. Like any roguelike, Hades Having a ton of death, forcing you to start anew from scratch.

But in a turn to the formula, the narrative of the game recognizes these deaths and actually introduces new characters, abilities and weapons, over the course of dozens of playthroughs. This was done by the team behind Tower And Transistor, I.e. stellar art design, voice work and writing.

If you want to know more you can read our full review.

What is the big difference between the switch version and other platforms?

The biggest differences between playing Hades Switch versus (currently the only existing platform) on Windows PC decreases resolution and performance.

As expected, the switch version is at 1080p when docked and at 720p when in handheld mode. On PC, the resolution can be craned up to 4K, making all hand-drawn art sharper and more beautiful. Although less spectacular than it appears on the PC, the game still looks spectacular on the switch.

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The other difference we noticed in the switch is that, occasionally, there may be a frame drop or two in the gameplay when things get really serious. These short and infrequent performance hits never hindered the enjoyment of my game, which usually runs flawlessly at 60 frames per second.

Otherwise, the two versions are identical in terms of content and price.

Is the Nintendo Switch version worth your time?

Yes hell.

Hades One of the best rogeliks in recent memory. Its live-die-repeat nature makes it a perfect fit for a switch in handheld mode, where you can grind at the run without locking the computer. In fact, we recommend the switch version as the ideal platform Hades Due to this feature. Regardless of the platform you are on, Hades Stellar and easy to recommend.