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3D print of Nintendo history before Real One goes

3D print of Nintendo history before Real One goes

Nintendo has not always been in the videogames business. Long before Mario, the company was one of the first manufacturers of Hanafuda Play cards in Japan. From 1930 to 1959, Nintendo ran its printing business from a four-story Art Deco style building with distinctive panels at the front door. We have now Possibility to print those former Nintendo HQ panels Thank you at home [Mr. Talida] Who shared some 3D models on Twitter. Talida, who describes herself as a “retro video game archivist”, recreated the panels by photogrammetry from several reference photos taken from a visit to the Kyoto site late last year.

These 3D models come at a crucial time as the old Nintendo HQ building, which has been dormant for years, will be converted into a boutique hotel next year. According to the JPC, The hotel will have twenty rooms, a restaurant and a gym and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021 (although that estimate is “pre-existing”). The reconstruction is expected to retain the original appearance as much as possible, but the Nintendo panels are almost never included. Below is a video from the World 2529 YouTube channel, for a first-person tour of the former Nintendo headquarters building.

It is encouraging to see examples of this DIY-style historical preservation. Most companies have proven to be less than stars in their own history. However His Twitter timeline Any hint, [Mr. Talida] There is something else with this photogrammetry project. A video export showing the full-fledged 3D model of the old Nintendo headquarters entrance was recently published along with the words “What I did”.

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