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Home Pot Timber Management, Apple Music Lossless Fix and many more

Home Pot Timber Management, Apple Music Lossless Fix and many more

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Operating system » IPods 14.7 Available Now: Home Bot Time Management, Apple Music Lossless Fix and many more

Apple has released the iPadOS 14.7 for all iPod users. This update will be available to all iPhone users two days after the release of iOS 14.7. The new version also brings the ability to manage timers on both the homepot and iPod, and adds some new features, for example the podcast app.

Two days ago many of you searched in vain to update to iPados 14.7 iOS 14.7 Published to all users. In vain, because Apple ignored the iPad. Simultaneous release may be scheduled as usual, but the iPad will only be used today.

All iPod users can now load and install iPods 14.7.

Innovations from iOS 14.7 are also coming to the iPad

The update for iPados 14.7, among other things, is an already well-known option from the iPhone to manage home bottle timers through the Home app.

Also, users of the Podcast app can determine if only all the programs they have subscribed to are shown. Also, the bug on the iPod that caused interruptions in playback when using Apple Music was removed.

Additionally, the iPods 14.7 fixes an issue with USB-C, especially on the iPod, where audio playback tabs are shown when the USB-C-to-Jack adapter is used. The new features for using the Apple card in the family (unfortunately) will not affect German users.

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