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Hogwarts legacy postponed to next year - Nert 4.Life

Hogwarts legacy postponed to next year – Nert 4.Life

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced the much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy, Action RPG set in the world of Harry Potter Postponed And will be published 2022, On a date yet to be decided. So the developers cannot close this by 2021. However, we hope they will come back to show it later that year, perhaps during some dedication event.

The Reasons Postponement is classic: the team aims to create a better experience and it takes more time to create. The press release does not mention the epidemic-related issues in progress, but since this was the practice in all software companies around the world, we imagine that it also has its weight.

If you want to know more about the game, read our preview of the Hogwarts Legacy by Alexandra Borgonova:
The Hogwarts legacy is a dream come true for many fans. A fantasy that has lasted for more than twenty years and has finally come true for the joint efforts of Avalanche and Porky games. By choosing to treat both Harry Potter and Newt Schamender’s story period, the developers have created complete action freedom without leaving out some of the elements that can give that familiar feel due to the novels and movies. It seems to be a very promising game in terms of content and the emphasis on ancient magic is undoubtedly very interesting as they will understand how they would like to manage the structure of the game and how to balance school life with regular study. Of the open worlds.