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Hideo Kojima works on a well-known IP for Xbox, not a new series, but a well-known leaker -

Hideo Kojima Squid Game and Netflix TV series with his usual original comments –

Hideo Kojima, As a good fan of cinema and TV series, he watched Squid gameNetflix show. The Japanese creator then used his Twitter account to explain what he thought. Apparently he did his usual one The original character.

Is here News from Hideo KojimaAs you can see in the original form in the tweet below: “I finished watching the squid game. My intention before watching it [simbolo del quadrato]. Until the end of the second chapter, my intention was [simbolo del triangolo]. Instead, as the episodes progressed, I watched [simbolo dell’ombrello bagnato] Many times and now I’m finished watching, and I have not seen either [simbolo della X] No. [simbolo del cerchio]. I see a lot [simbolo della stella] In a row. [simbolo del polpo]”

Without looking at the Netflix series, let’s assume that Hideo Kojima’s comment about the squid game makes no sense. There was a TV show Much appreciated Is one of the most talked about by the world audience and in this period.

Netflix As a woman’s phone number appeared in the series and thousands called her, she also had to change some squid game footage. Also, the series has already become a game, though not officially: Roblox now includes a game dedicated to the game of squid.

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