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L'école à la maison : documents préparatoires pour la leçon du vendredi 2 avril (13h30)

Preparation documents for the lesson on Friday, April 2 (1:30 pm)

This lesson is designed for B4 students, but this activity is also intended for B3 and B5 students.

Before starting the Friday lesson at 1:30 pm, we invite you to complete the following tasks:

Get started by downloading two PDF documents

Download the documentation here Cross-sectional mathematical ability test P4

Then download the document here Short questionnaire

Important Information, read this message carefully:

This math quiz may be a little different than what you usually get. In fact, here, we will not ask you to find the answer to a calculation, copy a definition, or draw a geometric shape.

Instead, we suggest thinking about 3 things:

  • How to find the answer?

  • What information would be useful?

  • What precise vocabulary should I use?

Complete the questionnaire by reading the questions carefully.

You can use your dictionary if you want.

To complete the questionnaire, you have a choice between 3 possibilities.

  • You print out the complete questionnaire and write your answers there.

  • Or you print only the short questionnaire and finish the short questionnaire by reading the questions on the screen.

  • Or you do not print anything; You read the questions on the screen and answer them in the free paper.

Once you have answered, re-read your answers.

Finally, we invite you to meet us in front of your TV set or on Friday, April 2 at 1:30 pm at

good job !

Home school team