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WhatsApp : voici comment stopper le téléchargement de toutes les photos et vidéos sur le stockage de votre téléphone

Here’s how to stop photos and videos from downloading to your phone’s storage

Is your phone’s storage memory mostly full of WhatsApp images, videos and other files? We have found the perfect trick to prevent this!

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on smartphones. He said this is one of them Most demanding applications. Not only does it take up space as an app, but it also stores all the files shared with you Storage memory. Sometimes you don’t even know it, especially if you’re in multiple groups. Inevitably, it gets annoying if you don’t have enough space.

And then how Prevent WhatsApp from backing up Files in storage memory? Here it is Perfect tip!

Stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading photos and videos you receive

When you install WhatsApp, you grant it many permissions. They are permissive Messaging app of Download images and videos directly, as well as documents you receive from your contacts. After downloading, only she can Save to your gallery. So, the first trick is to prevent WhatsApp from filling up your phone’s storage memory Prevent automatic downloads These files you will receive. Without the need to delete messages.

To do this, open your WhatsApp app. Click the three vertical dots on the top right. Once in Settings, click on Data Use and Storage ». There, scroll down to the section Download Tamil Media Auto ».

You need to disable four settings: photos, audio, videos and documents.

whatsapp settings saving data app

Press the ” Using mobile data », uncheck the three boxes. then press” On a Wi-Fi connection Uncheck all three boxes. Finally, ” carry around ‘, deselect them as well.

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In this way, too Unable to download any files Without you deciding. However, once you download it, it is automatically saved in your phone’s memory. In the long run, that too can turn into noise…

Prevent WhatsApp from saving images and videos to your gallery

You can prevent WhatsApp from saving images and videos to your gallery, even if you download the files. This is also an adjustment to be made in the parameters.

on your smartphone androidEnter systems and press Discussions. There, mute” Media visibility “.

If you have an iPhone smartphone, follow the same path to deactivate ” Save to Camera Roll “. This way, WhatsApp will no longer save downloaded images and videos in your gallery, whether the download is automatic or manual. This trick also works for audio messages that can take up a lot of space after long conversations.

Video Tutorial: Disable Auto Download of Photos and Videos on WhatsApp