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Here’s how to get my Nintendo Platinum points for free with Pickmin 3 discoveries

100 Easy Points

In case you missed it, Nintendo added real physical gifts to my Nintendo.

They need platinum points, they are a limited resource; Earn money through activities such as playing various Nintendo mobile titles and capturing on the Nintendo website.

One of the recent additions is the discovery of the secret picmin to promote the release of the switch Pickmin3. Here’s how to complete a total of five missions and net 100 points.

First, log into my Nintendo Verify that you need to complete explorations: All are at the bottom of the landing page. Then go The Pickmin 3 Deluxe Open Page.

The first picmin was right Homepage, Near the bottom, Hides behind a leaf.

Second Pickmin On the story page, “How to play,” even below Behind a leaf.

The third is a little more false and Gameplay page. This is “Mission Mode,” above the text Hid in a bush.

Fourth Pickmin Is on the same page. Scroll down further and find “Piclopedia,” below the text. On a flower bud.

The last one is online “Buy Now” page, Also below, Below is my Nintendo logo. It’s like exiting through a gift shop!

Congratulations! You now have another 100 platinum points. Usually these quests do not go away, so you can now redeem them and use them They are premature: Or save searches for a rainy day when you need a quick boost.

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