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Here you can download a great simulation of the universe

Here you can download a great simulation of the universe

Simulation des Universes. (Built by: Tomoki Ishiyama)

An international research team has developed what claims to be the largest and most comprehensive simulation of the universe – now available to anyone interested.

According to current research, the universe measures 90 billion light-years from one end to the other. A light year is about ten trillion kilometers. It is about 13.8 billion years old and contains hundreds of billions of galaxies. About 70 percent of the energy in the universe is dark energy. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the “infinite expansions” of space can do so now.

The most comprehensive simulation of the universe

An international research team led by Tomoki Ishiyama, a Japanese scientist from the University of Siba, has created a simulation of the universe, which is completely available for download. According to researchers: Inside This is the most comprehensive and comprehensive simulation ever made. There are so-called simulations (Uchuu is the Japanese name for the universe) Website at To remove.

The simulation contains three petabytes of data, but the download is compressed to 100 terabytes. Apex simulations simulate 2.1 trillion particles with a margin length of 9.63 billion light-years in a cube-like space. Futurezone writes. For comparison: it is for humans The visible universe With a radius of 13.8 billion light years.

Time Machine: From the Big Bang to the present

The simulation mainly consists of copies of galaxies. No individual planets or stars are shown. Researchers’ focus: When creating peak simulations, the focus was on dark matter or dark energy. Simulation is used by scientists to study the large-scale structure of the universe. The apex acts as a kind of time machine through which the growth of the object from the Big Bank to the present is visible.

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