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Here is the high-tech mask of the razor: N95 with RGB lamp for 110 euros

Here is the high-tech mask of the razor: N95 with RGB lamp for 110 euros

At first it seemed like a different idea: the gaming professional razor offered a respirator protection mask with N95 protection and RGB lighting in addition to its regular by-products. But the idea was so popular – the first batch of masks had already been sold.

Razor presented “Project Hazel” at the technology exhibition CES 2021, confirming that their development will begin shortly after production. This program is now called Razer Zephyr and has many components. The starter pack has a transparent wearable air filter with N95 filters and RGB lights. There are separate filters for this, so the mask can be operated with a new filter at any time.

Transparency instead of lack of intelligence

The highlight of the razor mask is not the RGB lamp, which is a gimmick. The trick is that engineers use transparent plastic as the base material for the mask system. This means the wearer’s mouth is visible, which makes facial expressions easier to identify. It helps to read the lip despite the mask. In addition, it is easier to get used to each other if you see them smiling or closing their mouths.

In addition to the side filter modules, the mask is built into small microphones and loudspeakers, which are intended to amplify the wearer’s speech externally. Despite the mask it can help improve communication.

Will be back soon

The starter pack got for 109.99 euros – because – probably many fans of the project and friends of the strange breathing mask. The excitement was high as the mask was now sold out. Razor writes: “Sold out. Will be back soon.” You will be notified as soon as the masks are back in stock. To do this, simply register Affiliate Manufacturer Shop Page A.

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