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Here is how to download Japanese Personality 5 Strikers / Scramble Demo in Switch


Persona 5 Scramble: Phantom Strikers is finally translated to the West and will be released on Switch, PS4 and, surprisingly PC and on February 23, 2021.

The Muso follow-up for Personality 5 was already released in Japan earlier this year, actually has a demo to download, but this is for Japanese accounts only. If you want to see the game for yourself to get a feel for the combat system, or to see how the intro works, we will show you how to download the demo on the switch.

To create a Japanese eShop account, go to your switch’s computer settings, scroll down to Users, and then select Add User. Go ahead and create a new user, select an icon, nickname, and then you are going to link the Nintendo account.

Select the option to create a new account and send instructions to your preferred email address. Go through the account creation process, but if you are asked to choose your country / region, be sure to park Japan there, otherwise you will not be able to access Japanese Ishap.

Once everything is set up, go to eShop with the new account and then search for personality. The game should pop up as the first option at the top of the search results. Select it and select the second option on the right to download the demo.

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You can buy the Japanese version of the game, but it costs 9680 yen, which is about $ 92. We recommend waiting for the western release so you can really understand what is going on in the game if you do not understand Japanese.

You can download the demo PS4, But you also need to create a Japanese BSN account, which should not be too complicated.