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He unloads Eternity near the sanctuary, but does not notice the camera … ன்றி Pig »caught

Osekna – He arrives with the truck, unloads the asbestos slabs (dangerous not only to the environment, but also to health) and exits as if nothing had happened … without realizing that the municipality’s video surveillance camera had destroyed him very clearly. It took place on the night between October 2 and Sunday, October 3, 2021 in the area outside the Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary in Oceana. New episode of T #TaggailMaiale. Thanks to the commitment of the administration, thanks to the work done by the Ozegna local police and the Agliè carabinieri station and with the cooperation of some private citizens and the help of the video surveillance network, this has become possible. Identify the person responsible for the unloading, which was explicitly permitted and had to be arranged at its own expense to recover and dispose of the illegally unloaded asbestos layers.

“The investigation was quick because, with great disappointment, I could not find the accuracy of the initial suspicions – says Mayor Sergio Bardoli – even if it was enough to follow their movements to find out who wrote the disgusting gestures. .

“Finally, I would like to underline the importance of trusting jobs and handing over construction but generally any type of work in this matter to talented individuals with all the credentials to execute them, and do not seek out the phantom companies found on the internet. Maybe because, next time, there will be repercussions for the perpetrator of similar crimes, as well as the administrative and financial nature, and the criminal and direct impact on clients and their professionals, ”the mayor said.

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