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ITALIA - Tenta di rubare le offerte in Chiesa, poi scarica di pugni sul volto di un

He tries to steal offerings from the church and then punches an old woman in the face

With the help of soldiers from the Cசர்zarza Ligor station, Carabinieri, a 1963-born SG of the Chestry Levante Operational and Radiomobile Nucleus, arrested SG, an Italian, originally from Bella, but actually homeless, seriously injuring a 78-year-old woman for aggravated robbery and injury. , Saturday, May 29 at 13.00, inside the Church of San Michelangelo in Caesarea Ligure (GE).

The victim was praying in the bosom of an empty church when he noticed someone furiously stumbling near the voting candle offering box on one side of the altar. The elderly woman, who felt she was trying to remove the banknotes from the cup, dared the assailant to leave, but the victim, who faced the latter’s negligence, picked up her mobile phone and warned that if he did not stop immediately, he would call her a church priest.

At the time, the man, who appeared to be only a thief, approached the elderly woman, violently punched her in the face, grabbed her wallet, leaned on the bench, and removed her mobile phone and wallet. He then fled, leaving the victim bleeding to the ground and half conscious. After a while the parish priest came and called for an ambulance and carabiner.

The victim of the attack was immediately shifted to the emergency room in Lavagna. Soldier Lavende’s Radiomobile Rate players immediately intervened on the spot, reconstructed what had happened and obtained the first basic evidence.

Later, they saw pictures of the municipal video surveillance system, along with colleagues from the Cazarza Liquor station.

Thus began the search for the robber.

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The soldiers followed the path of the offender who reached Casarza Ligure on the bus. Images of active cameras on the bus he boarded to escape provided more useful elements.

The men of Chestry Levante’s Nucleo Operative immediately set off on their way and stopped him at the Lavagna train station, where he was about to board a train bound for Genoa.

If he had succeeded, the quests would have been much more complicated. SG was informed of the custody of a criminal suspect and went to Marasi Jail. The victim was rushed to the emergency room of Lavagna Hospital, where he was found with a 40-day prognosis for fractures of the cheek and nose.

The wallet was found by local police in Cazarza Ligure in a rubbish bin near the bus stop near the church where the theft took place.