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Free upgrade confirmed on PS5 and Xbox Series X, 3 graphics modes - Live 4.Life

Free upgrade confirmed on PS5 and Xbox Series X, 3 graphics modes – Live 4.Life

After finally introducing to the world how the development of its highly anticipated zombie based open world continues, I wanted to talk in detail about the plans for the Declander edition PS5E Xbox Series X | S. of Be the dying light 2 man. The Polish developer notes that there will be no problems with the PS4 and Xbox One versions because this is his “long-term priority” and he will get the rights.Free update Game PS5 and Xbox Series X | For the S version, moreover, you can choose between 3 graphic modes.

Free update to Xbox because the game will be released in a single compiled version, which will then be managed by Microsoft’s system Smart Delivery. However, on the PS5, confirmation has only recently arrived. This means that by purchasing the disk version or digital game on the PlayStation 4, the next gen update will not be accessible at any additional cost.

In these consoles you can choose between three graphic modes of Dying Lite 2 Stay Human: standard mode, which supports graphic effects such as Radiation tracking, The performance version that allows you to play at 60FPS and the resolution to this definition is strictly 4K one.

Player PS4E Xbox OneHowever, they don’t have to worry. These consoles have been a studio priority for a long time, so not only does the game have to be good, but Dying Lite 2 Stay Human will play on both of these consoles “at the highest level”.

What do you think? Did you read our preview of Being a Dying Light 2 Man?

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