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Huawei Pay now available to download in South Africa

Hawaii Bay is now available for download in South Africa

Hawaii has launched its mobile payment service Hawaii Bay – in South Africa.

The app allows Huawei smartphone owners to make transactions without the use of a physical card or cash.

The Hawaii Wallet application, Which activates Hawaii Bay, which is available at the Hawaii App Gallery and can be used to purchase a wide variety of products across South Africa’s top retailers.

Built in partnership with Hawaii Bay Zapper and uses the Hawaii Wallet app to save funds.

You can deposit money in your Hawaii wallet using a debit card from any of the major banks in South Africa.

Users then make payments using the Zapper QR code, which means they do not have to carry around your credit or debit card.

Hawaii Pay is completely secure because you do not use your bank card number and do not store your bank information on your device or on Hawaii servers.

It does not share your details with merchants – everything works through your Hawaii wallet, which is completely separate from your bank account.

“We are proud to partner with Jaffer to launch Hawaii Bay in South Africa,” said VP, Hawaii Consumer Business Group for South Africa. Ligun Zhao said.

“It’s a simple and convenient payment solution that we know will make the lives of South African consumers easier.”

Jawaharlal Nehru CEO Brett White said Hawaii is a favorite among smartphone owners in South Africa.

“Equipping them with access to Jabber’s scan-to-bay site will empower them to make quick and secure payments across the country,” White said.

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“We are in the business of facilitating transactions and by putting the Zapper solution in the hands of millions of South African consumers, many more merchants can now offer cashless transactions in a hopeless manner.”

Huawei Bay is available to all users who have a Huawei smartphone running HMS and have access to the Huawei App Gallery.

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