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Has already revealed several free games for the second half of September

Has already revealed several free games for the second half of September

There are still many days to publish the list of free games Xbox Game Pass now and by the end of September, But thanks to the digital events and announcements of the past few weeks, we already know a good portion of the upcoming topics in the Microsoft service.

Using the media footage of summer shows, many development companies take the opportunity to set the release date of their titles, and in doing so provide information on whether or not their games will enter the GamePass virtual game room.

If you’d like to hear the latest announcements from publishers and third-party software companies, Xbox GamePass subscribers are expected to add more to their list by the end of September. On Thursday, September 16thFor example, subscribers can access the Redmond Home service Skateford, ‘Tony Hawk of the Sparrows’ Created by Glass Bottom.

They should also end up on the busy September agenda of GamePass subscribers அரகாமி 2 (September 17), Sable (September 23), Lemnis Gate (September 28) e Climbing Austria (September 30), not to mention More surprises With the official announcement from Microsoft of the next games coming to the Xbox Game Pass, we will get it in the middle of the month.

As for existing topics, we remind you that the latest round of digital experiences has arrived Xbox Game Boss A PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / SE System Mobile Tramite Xbox Cloud Gaming Comprehensive Croftopia, Final Fantasy XIII, Symptoms of Sojourner, Surgeon Simulator 2, Crown Trick, Bridge, Nuclear Throne and Artistic Escape.

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