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Harm to the freedom of others - time

Harm to the freedom of others – time

Clemente Mastella was confirmed mayor of Benevento, and after winning the referendum, he is now considering possible plans for national politics. He was a guest on the Rede 4 program run by former Justice Minister Venronica Gentile, and talks about what the next moves within the parliamentary curve will be: “If the central part joins, the candidate they claim may be the president of the Republic, while Silvio Berlusconi is at risk of being the flag candidate of the center-right.” It is obvious that the people are not going to vote before the short-term strategy, as the Italian brethren may enter the government or the others leave Lega and Forza Italy because it leads to disorder.In politics, various temples cannot be worshiped.

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Mastella Govit goes to the bottom of the anti-vaccination argument: “There are people in my hospital who have not been vaccinated, so this is a bit scary and worrying, there is a rise. I want to be sure and Italy’s strategies in the vaccine campaign have produced results. We started – analyzing Benevento’s first citizen – from a dramatic situation and gradually we became a country with less drama than Germany, Austria, France and the United States because something happened. Son, everyone was making fun, strategies at the level of a public, local administration with a great deal of skill proved to be remarkable, and we became conversations with our citizens. If scientists say you should get 90% vaccinated, you can’t go there because there are protesters, it doesn’t affect their freedom, it affects the freedom of others. I – he concludes, letter by letter expires – for compulsory vaccination. It does not come out, if it saves human lives, obviously it should be done. “

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