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Halo Infinite: A player imagines dynamic weather with rain and thunder |  Xbox One

Halo Infinite: A player imagines dynamic weather with rain and thunder | Xbox One

343 industries were revealed to us yesterday The next priorities of Hollow Infinite. It’s about XP Boost, game monetization and changes in events and challenges. So these are features related to multiplayer mode, and we still do not know if updates are planned for single player mode and Hollow Infinite campaign. Meanwhile, one player imagined delivering real weather on Hollow Zeta.

In Hollow Infinite a player imagines heavy rain and thunderstorms

The weather at Halo Zeta is still sunny and only a few clouds and fog can be seen during the Halo Infinite campaign. A player, by nickname Rhythms, So I imagined what the game would look like during rain or thunderstorms. He inspires his desire to see more diversity in Halloween weather with different types of clouds depending on the weather or rain and thunderstorms.

The result is very interesting and gives a good idea of ​​what can give different effects in the game. Do we deserve such weather in future sports? Nothing is certain.

In March 2021, 343 factories confirmed that a dynamic weather system was coming to Hollow Infinite with wind and fog. Initially there was no rain or thunderstorm was a choice to meet the deadline, but the studio did not rule out that it might happen in the future.

Can this kind of relay lesson be restarted? We hope so, but the developers have already completed their work to complete Cooperative Mode, Forge Mode and its development. Ray Tracing. Microsoft also registered Halo: Infinite, Which could be a new twist in the history of the game.

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