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Half of the parking lot is occupied by scrap metal: Berlin Central Station - Berlin wants action against bicycle corpses

Half of the parking lots are occupied with scraps: Berlin Central Station – The district wants to take action against broken bikes in Berlin.

The pedal wants to take sharp and quick action against bicycle bodies. This was decided by the district legislature in November. At the main station there are now first – small – wins. On Wednesday of this week, exactly six garbage wheels, the so-called “yellow dot”, were received from the Public Order Office – an official request to remove them within three weeks.

Because not only cars without official registration, but also yellow dots and bicycle corpses can be obtained. “If this is not noticed, we will remove the bike after the payment deadline,” it says.

Since the main train station opened, cyclists have been complaining about the lack of parking space – which is increasing as half the hangers are occupied by scraps. In fact, according to the Senate, there is an official space for 311 bikes – the demand is estimated at 1000. A parking garage with no end in sight has been discussed for years.

Mitte District has been collaborating with a private company called Goldnets for over a year. The new thing is that Goldnets can combine pantrols with bikes abandoned by their owners. It was previously assigned to the Public Order Office.

Like the yellow dot, the gold net pandemonium also sets a deadline, said district spokesman Danilo Hoffer. In this way, “scrap bicycles can be disposed of quickly and in accordance with legal requirements”.

For years, cyclists have complained about the lack of parking spaces at the main station.Photo: Jன்rn Hazleman

In June, staff slipped the locks of the first bikes at the train station. To be on the safe side, the police get a list of frame numbers. After police approval, employees try to repair bikes at community workshops, as called by Goldnetz, with the goal of “three old to one new”. Refurbished bicycles are provided free of charge to non-profit organizations. The usable parts are removed and the rest is sorted and sent for recycling.

The “bicycle chaos” has been going on in Berlin for years.Photo: Jன்rn Hazleman

The number of complaints regarding the district is over Abandoned bikes increased. Passengers are now looking forward to the big break. Because at least a hundred bikes before Easter were marked with red and white ribbon.

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The district, which in the past was not interested in junk bikes, coined the name Deutsche Pan. However, the measures are limited to Washingtonplots. On the north side, Europaplots, which looks even worse. Sometimes shrubs grow from rusty wheels for years. The Mobility Act 2018 requires that “destroyed or bikes that are not suitable for public driving be removed.”