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Half-Life 2 set a new player record 17 years after its release

Half-Life 2 set a new player record 17 years after its release

When a community unites, they can achieve great things: in this case, a large number of players simultaneously set a new record Half-life2 Set up. The shooter was reissued in 2004 and was a critical and commercial success for Valve. Success continues to this day. And the community continues to grow.

Half-life2 There were two episodes in its sequel, Chapter 3 was announced but did not come. Like a Half-life3. However, according to the leaked data, the valve game was in operation, but it was canceled. We received it with some surprises Half-life: Alix A VR adventure that included a six-hour campaign last year. A masterpiece for a virtual reality game.

When Half-life2 It was not recorded for steam figures in the early years. After all, HL2 was the first game for Steam that required a stable internet connection. New at the time, now a thing. Not knowing exactly what the “old record” is, some in the gaming community have come together to create a new record.

The Half-Life 2: Remaster collection is currently in development. – (c) Philip Victor, valve

Half-Life 2: New record for 17-year-old game

Half-Life 2 was released on November 16, 2004 Since then player data has not been recorded as it is today. The event was called “Breaking the Bar” and was created and directed by the sports community. To participate, players must be the only ones Register for the Half-Life 2 game on Steam on August 14 at 3pm UTC (1pm German time).. The event served as a re-emergence of the game’s steam release and gained the highest number of parallel players possible to set a new record.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; According to such sites SteamDB Their mission seems to be successful because the all-time high is now 16,101 players.

The event was a huge success, doubling the number of parallel players prior to the game. Aside from the record-breaking event, many participants now take this time to play back the game they loved a long time ago. This event creates a stir in the expected release Half-Life 2 Remaster Collection Recently, a fan mode listed on SteamDB.

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Symptoms of life after 13 years

After events like this and 13 years of silence, a new official half-life game was recently released (if you haven’t counted on the remaster of the first game in 2020), and it looks like the owner is coming back, reassuring the long-awaited sequel to Episode 2, especially with the massive twist that will feature Half-life: Alix Ends. It’s interesting that a game retains such a fan base after so many years, and it’s even more interesting that its audience continues to grow. Half-life2 Really influential game.

Half-life2 Now available on Steam. This was followed by The Wolvin SteamTech released Offer I do not want to start any rumors at this time.

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