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Battlefield Mobile Peut Désormais être Testé Sur Android : Voici

Battlefield Mobile can now be tested on Android: here’s how to download it

The “Alpha” version of Battlefield Mobile is now available for download on Android. We explain how you can get the game for free before anyone else.

A few hours ago, we got our first look at Battlefield Mobile – Awesome – Games Of the game. Now you can download the new one Shooter By EA for mobile.

Starting today, the “Alpha” version of Battlefield Mobile will be available for download on Android devices, and anyone can start playing it before the game is released in the coming weeks.

Battlefield Mobile for Android is now downloadable, currently only in alpha version.

So you can start playing Battlefield Mobile

Be a version AlphaThe game is not 100% complete, it will crash or crash. However, we were able to verify that the game was correct during our test, especially since this is a test version.

However, there are drawbacks as well. For example, the current link with Google is not working properly.

At the moment, Battlefield Mobile is not available on Google Play. To download the game, you must first download the TapTap Alternative App Store, and once there, download the game through that store. To do this, you need to access the link we leave below these lines.

Once downloaded and installed, the game will need to download approximately 433MB of resources to function properly.

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