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GVB official: Some may not download COVID exposure app 'Out of Spite' Guam News

GVB official: Some may not download COVID exposure app ‘Out of Spite’ Guam News

Gerald Perez, vice president of the Guam Visitors Bureau, said that as of Wednesday, only 17,000 downloads had been made for the Guam Kovid-19 warning app, indicating a 23% infiltration rate. This is significantly less than the 60% mark required for the application to be effective.

The Notification app has the ability to alert users on their mobile phones if other app users with COVID-19 are exposed, the Public Health and Social Services Department said when it created the app last month.

Perez says some things are taking away the high acceptance rates for the app.

“One of them is, unfortunately, a lot of people are upset at the way we are a divided society and the situation we are in, however, it may not be downloadable,” he said. “Because I got into some people who need to know better, they use privacy as an excuse, but there are other issues as well.”

Perez said authorities will continue to push the app. He said that it is more publicized and if more issues are resolved, more people will have confidence in this app.

The Patcheck Foundation has designed, built and tested the Guam Kovid Alert mobile application. It uses EXposure notification system developed by Google and Apple.

The Guam government has set a 100% adoption target for its employees. Reward with more downloads to a government agency or division.

Adelape spokeswoman Crystal Paco-San Augustine said the Ad 1,000 prize money came from COVID-19 relief funding. The money should be used for the employee identification program. The deadline has been extended to October 7. Submissions are still being compiled.

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