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GTA5 is the most watched, and most users want to see the streamers asleep - Nert 4.Life

GTA5 is the most watched, and most users want to see the streamers asleep – Nert 4.Life

According to data from Traction Broke a new record for the month March 2021. The video streaming site is really stuck 2.06 billion hours will be displayed In one month, Twitch had a year-over-year growth of 105%. Some of these scenes are due to GDA5 and others Streamers take care of themselves while sleeping.

But let’s start with the most general data and give a hint, Facebook has reached 400 million hours to watch gaming, A growing number compared to February 2021, but not entirely comparable to Twitz’s 2.06 billion.

GTA 5 ranks first in Twitz in March 2021

The most watched game of March 2021 on Twitches GTA5, which is only 181 million viewed hours. We find ourselves following League of Legends With 143 million hours. Is in third place Fortnight, With 107 million. We see it outside the stage as well Call of Duty Warson (85 million) and lush Minecraft (82 million).

Based on the reported data (but this only starts from 2016), this is the first time GDA5 has topped the list. It has been mentioned that the role-play side of the game attracts the attention of players and streamers. The presence is also indicated Streamers are always more interested in the content they show when they are asleep. The 2 million hours viewed in that category are recorded in the tweet. Most, however, came from a streamer, and that Ludwig received 1.5 million viewed hours.

That is explained The “glamor” of this type of stream These are global, common activities, but they are interesting because they take place live. There is talk of streams displaying fire in a fireplace or a street where a stop sign is often overlooked. This “consistent” content seems to be becoming more and more successful.

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We also report that Amoranth preceded Pokemon as the most followed female streamer.