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GTA: The Trilogy: Rockstar Reefs, Classics Return

Picture: Rockstar

Rockstar’s handling of the GTA trilogy had the opposite positive effect: taking old games out for sale, taking action against mods, and releasing false remasters. With the first connection and a small twist, the company is now trying to minimize the damage.

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On the company’s blog, the publisher apologizes for the issues. Rockstar writes that the quality of the games does not match its own standards. However, at the same time, there is talk of “unexpected technical issues”. This seems hard to imagine, as developers and publishers generally know exactly the status of their products.

Anger about unfinished games has obviously created more than one thing that can be looked at once again. At the same time, Rockstar urges members of the Grove Street Games development team not to be harassed by social media. Justice with such vigilance does not strike the right person: in the end, the publisher is responsible for the release and quality assurance.

The consoles also have the first update. As stated in it Patch tips Fixed an issue with the rain scene among others. In its original state, it severely restricted vision. Remasters should follow further links until they meet the company’s standards.

The classics are coming back

The release of unfinished goods is one thing in this case. The idea arises that if the classic and the motors are pressed simultaneously from the sale, the purchase of the more expensive 60 euro version at the same time will have to be pushed too hard. At this point, Rockstar is currently developing its image. The GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas will be resold on the yet-to-be-known date in the original versions, but will only be offered on the infamous Rockstar Games launcher and one package. Anyone who purchases the trilogy by June 30, 2022 will receive older versions at no extra charge. These are not particularly good conditions, which is why they will eventually have to change a bit: the old ones will look gorgeous if purchased separately.

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