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Green Pass, the code is available online.  Process in 10 questions and answers

Green Pass, the code is available online. Process in 10 questions and answers

Why Green Boss?

Current status, Or the new decree has not yet come into force these days (which will take place on August 6), requiring Green Boss to attend parties for civil and religious ceremonies, nursing homes or other facilities in Italy and outside the territories classified as “red zone” or “orange zone”.

Mandatory green pass for indoor restaurants, shows and games

When will the new Green Pass rules come into force?

The new rules were taught by an order approved by the Committee of Ministers on July 22 and published in the official journal Since August 6th Green Pass will be mandatory to use the catering services provided by any company that consumes at the table. To participate in events, sporting events and competitions open to the public; To visit museums, other cultural institutions and places and exhibitions; Restricted to indoor activities, even within swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, group games, health centers, and shelter facilities; To participate in festivals and exhibitions, conferences and conferences; Go to spas, theme and amusement parks;
Excluding cultural centers, community and entertainment centers, educational centers for children and related catering activities, including summer centers limited to indoor activities; Gaming rooms, racing rooms, bingo halls and casinos and finally, participate in public competitions.

Can the Green Pass be canceled?

Yes. If the holder is infected with the virus, report positively to the Regional Health Service, or physician, or pediatrician or Usmaf physician (Regional Services for Health Assistance for Maritime, Maritime and Civil Aviation personnel). . This note will be recorded in the citizen’s database, so the system will prevent the issuance of the pass or cancel the validity of the QR code already issued until it is cured. The same will happen when the validity of the pass expires.

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