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Graphics upgrade mode of available Rockstar games - Nert 4.Life

Graphics upgrade mode of available Rockstar games – Nert 4.Life

GTA5 remake This is an interesting thing Mod It does a complete rework of the Rockstar Games game graphics PC, Available in an improved version from Nb.Design, but only by paying the Developer Patron fee.

Of course, the overall result seems to be the same Remaster This is not a remake because these are some changes in the graphic system that have not been fundamentally altered or completely redone, although the general result is truly remarkable, and it may go beyond an official remaster function Rockstar Games.

You can see what it is Presentation video Shown below: This is a complex set Additions and improvements Used based on standard Grand Theft Auto V graphics, which includes the restoration of global lighting, changing settings and introducing new plants, rocks, natural elements and weather effects.

At the moment, the GTA5 remake mode is only available to Patron supporters Nb Visual, A trial version may be released to the public in the near future, but there is no information about it yet. Anyway, it’s interesting to see the effects of this mod in the presentation trailer below.

However, the PS5 and Xbox Series X | This may indicate what the rumored GTA 5 upgraded version for the S will be, with no official information from Rockstar Games yet, but it is “a great experience” and, according to reports, not a simple port.