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Guerilla Collective 2021

Gorilla Alliance 2021: Take a Date!

AsE3 2021, And more and more publishers and development studios are signaling their presence to players, so make an appointment to present their future products. However, other sports creators have decided to block the US show in support of an event.StaffFull commitment to their business if anyone other than a show wants to join the forces. This is the second type Gorilla Alliance Its 2021 version has now been announced.

Gorilla Alliance A multitude of publishers and sponsors and a host of offers to screen many upcoming games. Last year, less than 24 development studios attended the event, and although we do not have a list of 2021, we can only hope that there will be plenty of announcements for this event (see also). Second Edition. Anyway, we can say that Gorilla Alliance Has collected very good sponsors from such giants Sony And Kickstarter May have been involved.

Dates for this year have also been released. Interestingly, the show will take place on two separate days: June 8 and 12. June 12 Start signalE3 2021, The first two weeks of June can definitely be rich in all kinds of announcements! To give you an idea, the Gorilla Alliance The first of 2020 is the opportunity to see something like a big game A Jugglers Tale, Boyfriend Dungeon, Conner 2 And the best Rocky (Step Our test To understand Why) in connection Nintendo Switch. In parallel, other topics were announced Gate III of Baltur However, the chances of running it on our favorite hybrid console are slim.

Are you looking forward to attending this event? Do you believe in sports announcements? Nintendo Switch ?