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An adventure in the depths of the oceans – IndieCam Lumion announced for Nintendo Switch – ntower

If you want to find undiscovered places on our planet, they are Oceans Your best option. Mankind now knows more about its satellite, the moon, than the Atlantic, Pacific, and other oceans. However, the oceans also stimulate the imagination of creative individuals, who use the source of inspiration to create video games, pictures, and music. The same thing happened to the developer Micah Studio.

A few hours ago Page-scrolling sites Lumion Announced. Although no release period is known, we do know that the players are in the role of one Fee The climber to complete the stages is called the hatch. As is common in the genre, there are tabs, wall climbing and more. You also have the opportunity to fly briefly. Lumione also looks strong: the glowing colors show you the dark world of the deep sea. We now have the first trailer and more information from Developer Klimmer Studio for you.


Lumione is an operating platform in an adventure submarine universe. The sea floor is covered in darkness. Klimmer dreams of restoring his hometown to its former beauty, so he embarks on a journey to do just that. You slip into the role of an angel named Klimmer coming from the deep sea called by light. You left the depths to chase away the darkness of the ocean, searching for answers in the world and in yourself. You will have to go through many tests of wisdom and courage to find the light of hope.

  • Breathtaking graphics and elegant music and sound effects create a dream-like and constantly changing atmosphere in the game. You will experience the dangers of beauty when you jump into the breathtaking conditions of the sea.
  • Created with Unreal Engine 4 and 3D Concept Art technology, the brightly colored various deep-sea landscapes ensure atmospheric adventure. The journey is full of surprises, very quiet passages, other sections full of tension and tough challenges, which makes for an amazing gaming experience.
  • Hundreds of lovingly designed levels with dozens of game dynamics ensure that the levels are playable and challenging.
  • We do not trust complex and elaborate writing development designs. You need to plan your steps to cross this deep maze and reach the end of your journey and respond to the dangers around you.

The game is easy, while the game is challenging. As a player, you control an angel climax above sea level, as you pass the levels, overcoming many dangerous obstacles. In addition to jumping over walls, Micah can fly short distances in any direction. Since you can only fly a short distance, this ability must be recharged by landing on a surface or by touching certain game elements. You need to learn to master the mechanics of this game to face the challenges ahead. Failure is inevitable, so it will be your choice and it will move you. But we know you will successfully master the journey with Micah.

Looking forward to Lumione’s underwater adventure?

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