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Google's new best smartphones are coming on October 19th

Google’s new best smartphones are coming on October 19th

It’s Official: Google will launch its new in-class smartphones on October 19th. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be the first models with their own tensioner chip and unique design.

Google had Already started in AugustTo tease his next generation smartphones. Even then, the manufacturer showed me how to do it Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Take a look and for the first time they will be fitted with a specially designed processor. The date for the pixel event is now set.

Pixel-6-Event: “Fall Release” Morning 19. October

One especially for the pixel event Website installed Except for the date and time – the event starts at 7pm Central European summer time on October 19th – not much is known at first glance. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be officially released during the event by clicking the FAQ button (“Frequently Asked Questions”) – “Completely redesigned Google Phones”. They are “powered by Google’s first proprietary mobile chip, and are fast, intelligent and secure,” the company said.

Google Pixel 6 Event-Teaser. (Screenshot: t3n; Google)

The manufacturer also declares “as they suit you”. This is what Google says on the website: One of the new Pixel 6 models is engraved on the page, which can be changed by pressing a button on the space bar on your computer keyboard or a long button on your smartphone.

Focuses on the new dynamic theme of Android 12, with which the design of the user interface changes based on the wallpaper you choose. New customizable widgets and icons take part in the Pixel 6 demonstration.

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Pixel 6 and 6 Pro – and Foldable?

Google’s Pixel 6 was shipped from the factory with Android 12 or 12.1. (Image: Google)

The features shown are available in the release I have already finished Android 12 Even reaching older pixel models should only be a part of the software page that Google has for its upcoming smartphones. With the help of our own tensor chip, we assume that some new, smart functions will be migrated to the devices.

The two pixel models will not be the same new products, although Google will appear so in its announcement. Because of the early version of Android 12.1 SuggestsThat the manufacturer is foldable in the product. The yet-to-be-released update includes adjustments for larger, foldable screens. The idea of ​​folding is not considered completely safe, but Google may give a little forecast.

However, Google is not the only manufacturer hosting this year’s event. Apple has one or another product in the pipeline, maybe it is Will be released in October. Among other things, there may be new ones MacBook Pro with the fastest M1X chip And new airports have been introduced.

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