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7 Key Points + Choosing the Right Ged in the 2022 Comparison Schedule

7 Key Points + Choosing the Right Ged in the 2022 Comparison Schedule

Dematerialization Swiss military knife, Ged is a tool for managing business content. It often even creates a container of all the life contents of a company. But how to choose it? What activities and specifications do you need to focus on to succeed in your project? To help you with your choice, find a large comparison table of 56 Ged solutions to download at the end of the article!

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An electronic document management solution (EDM) allows companies to store, share and protect documents, but also dematerialize some business processes. Here are 7 key tips to help you choose it.

1. Environmentally Responsive Digital

Archimag provides an updated comparison of Ged solutions on a regular basis, approximately every three years.

For the first time this year, we questioned publishers about a pro-responsible (potential) approach to responsible digital through actions or commitments or labels. Only a small half of the publishers in our panorama claim to have already established themselves in this matter. This is unfortunate with regard to environmental emergencies, but can already guide your choice.

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2. Open source or proprietary ged

The chosen solution type – open source or proprietary – will allow you, as a customer, to respond to concerns for sustainable development, because open source software makes it possible to fight against obsolescence: this is tantamount to calling something we reuse. That we ….

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Primary data system

Today it is difficult to get value only through documentation from one’s information capital. The multiplicity of flows, the simplicity of creation and storage immerse companies in the era of big data, where all kinds of data, both structured and unconstructed, personal, are mixed with their metadata.

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