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Google publishes complete information for search news

Google publishes complete information for search news

On a full coverage page, Google will now display a variety of perspectives on current news at a glance in search – in addition to the news carousel on SERPs.

The messages are fact-based and timely, but they can still be reported differently. If you want to get a picture of the news as perspective as possible, Google has the option to open the news section from 2018 onwards Full protection Fall back. With this feature, articles from various publishers from different sources – including international ones – are compiled into a specific current news item from a perspective with the help of AI and machine learning. Google is now introducing this overview in the search area for the first time. At the touch of a finger, users can receive news, local headlines, in-depth articles, explanations, interviews and other insights.

News about the latest news: Full Security Provides a comprehensive overview

Anyone searching for the latest news on Google – articles and additional information – You can use the full coverage feature in future searches. First, as usual, searchers will find the message carrier above the SERPs. The most relevant contributions from the publishers are clearly shown there. Now users can click on the full coverage page for the big news headlines that are still being created. At the end of the carousel you will find the option “More news …”. Full coverage Rubric is accessed via.

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With the delay of the feature for the search area, Google is also introducing a new technology. News can do this Stories They remain in the current state for several days or weeks and months. Examples are topics such as the Super Bowl or the Govt-19 epidemic. Posts found on these topics are sorted by Google and enriched with additional content. In order to understand a story, not only news from different angles, but also local reports or explanatory texts – sometimes dedicated snippets are displayed. Especially on complex and multi-layered or long-term topics, this overview can provide different insights to users.

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Full protection for search was initially available only on mobile devices and English language searches in the United States. This feature is expected to be released in other countries and languages ​​in the next few months.

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