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Assistance in purchasing a Leggie Fiscal bicycle

Assistance in purchasing a Leggie Fiscal bicycle

The electric bike is on the rise

State and local authorities (regions, departments and municipalities) who are aware of the environmental and beneficial aspects of cycling also provide subsidies to individuals who wish to equip themselves with electric bicycles, also known as electric assist bicycles (VAEs). So the government offers an “electric bicycle bonus” of up to 200.

This assistance is provided only once per person, subject to the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age to immigrate to France
  • A key tax return per unit would be less than or equal to 13,489
  • Has received assistance for the same purpose provided by a local authority such as regional or municipal.

Desirable property must meet certain conditions:

  • It has to be new
  • Do not use lead-acid battery
  • Be an auxiliary pedaling cycle within the meaning of section code R.311-1 of the Highway Code, i.e. equipped with a compensating motor for pedaling until it reaches a speed of 25 km / h
  • Not to be resold in the year following the acquisition.

This state grant is aggregated with assistance provided by the local authority and should not exceed the amount provided by the latter (under the 200 ceiling).

The application should be sent to the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) along with several other documents (identity document, proof of address, tax notice, invoice for VAE purchase) which can be downloaded from the Internet. RIB).

Some regions offer up to 600 for the purchase of this type of vehicle, and their terms are specific. However, help can never cover up a complete acquisition of VAE.

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Bike Boost

It is scheduled to be shut down by the end of 2020, and the government’s plan to offer 50 to repair old bicycles has been extended until the end of March 2021. The Coop de Booze Velo is a huge success, growing under three brackets:

  • Good repair to regulate it: Many professionals are partners of this device and allow to subdue this assistance (the only difference is the responsibility of the cyclist).
  • “Back to the saddle” which involves coming with the cyclist in handling the bike.
  • Establishment of temporary parking spaces for communities, multimodal transport centers, educational institutions, community landowners and student residences.

Additional information is available at

proof’s: conseils -achat -velo-bicyclette% 5D