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Google Play Store releases new interface without hamburger menu

Google Play Store releases new interface without hamburger menu

The latest version of the Google Play Store interface is used on Android smartphones. This changes access to the Applications menu.

Google Play Store is constantly updating its interface to better highlight key elements of Google’s strategy. Last major update Prior to May 2019, With Google’s subject theme simplification and ergonomics. Nearly two years later, Google is launching a new version, with significant changes, but even lighter than 2019.

New user menu

Google Play Store warns that the hamburger menu in the top left has simply disappeared as soon as the new version is launched. The icon has been replaced by a magnifying glass to better highlight the app store’s search engine.

To access all management elements, you now need to press the icon of his user profile in the upper right. This is a clear reminder of the functionality of other applications in the Google ecosystem Gmail Or Google Photos.

Your apps, games, payment methods, announcements and offers are now here

This change in interface allows Google to keep track of the user’s profile and its loyalty system, especially with play points. They allow credit access to games that can be played for free, thanks to purchases in other games.

Part of the structure of the application has also been edited. Payments and subscriptions are now integrated into a menu. The idea here is to make navigation easier in the Google Play Store, which has become more complex over time.

Google Play Store settings and search have also been revised. In the latter case, if you are looking for a popular enough app, Google can provide you with a highlight as the first highlight, with the possibility of installing it quickly with one click.

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New Google Play Store is released. The version shown here is 24.7.20-21. Here’s how to install it This is the new version.