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Google is not the most visited site in the world

Google is not the most visited site in the world

Google Loses its No. 1 spot. By 2020, the U.S. giant, which includes the search engine and its many variants (Gmail, maps, etc.), will top the list. The most popular domain names in the world. This year, another site finally came to steal its No. 1 spot, which may seem unthinkable …

Google Deprived!

Google Now The second most visited site in the world. According to Cloudflare, the search engine would have been The former was defeated in seventh place in the rankings, Which would have caused a meteor shower in figures by 2021.

This year, the Google domain name was overtaken by one of the applications of the moment, especially popular among young people: TikTok. Of course you are already familiar with this social network, but for those who are not yet up to date, this is a powerful and addictive concept that will allow you to. Share and watch short videos.

TikTok crushes everything in its path

Despite its international success, TikTok would have been a success Stay ahead of Google from the second half of the year. The social network was able to stand alone only last August, compared to its competitor. This will definitely not detract from his incredible acting.

From September, The TikTok domain name is said to have hosted more than a billion users. Among them, we will mainly count Z generation youth who get lost for hours in the forminous content provided by the Chinese application.

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For those of you most interested, here is a ranking of the remaining most visited sites according to Cloudflare. You can see it TikTok has crushed all the big companies on the internet. From Facebook to Amazon, via Netflix or YouTube …


If the TikTok application frequently generates headlines Due to its many controversies, There is no denying its great success. It is good to be ahead of Google in the future This amazing concept that unleashes emotions. In the meantime, find out How a 16-year-old girl was saved by the viral TikTok.