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Google introduces its new Fuchsia system in version 1.0 many years later

Google introduces its new Fuchsia system in version 1.0 many years later

Google has regularized the use of Fuchsia 1.0 in its 2018 Nest Hub devices. This is an important first step for the new operating system.

We talk Fuchsia on Frontroid since 2016. So this brand new operating system has been evolving on Google for a long time. Since the beginning of 2021, things have accelerated The first device with OS version 1.0 Seen in March. Now, it is official, the first version of the operating system is used.

Google is replacing Cast OS with Fuchsia

Google has confirmed 9To5 for the Google site 2018 Nest Hub, The smart display for home will be updated to Fuchsia 1.0. Until then, the device used the Linux-based cast system developed by Google for its Chromecast devices.

Nest Hub’s interface and functionality are done with Flutter, which allows standard applications for multiple settings, and the user experience after this update is strictly the same. Based on experience we imagine that Google did not randomly select such a limited device. The software environment of the Nest Center is highly controlled and Google can provide the user with a system that is built entirely locally without any restrictions.

Fuchsia’s deployment will be very gradual and should be done in the coming months for all of the 2018 Nest Hubs.

Goodbye Linux

Fuchsia’s release in version 1.0 is the most important step for Google. This first deployment is a testing ground for the company realized here Its first operating system designed without the Linux base. It has not been announced yet, but one can only imagine that other devices in the Nest family may switch to Fuchsia in the coming years.

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As for changing Android, we’ll talk about that very soon, but we’re already talking about that Compatibility with mobile applications.