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Google I / O: Android Jet Pack has more standard libraries

Google I / O: Android Jet Pack has more standard libraries

Google has released an update to the Jet Pack collection for Android developers. Among the libraries in the Android Jet Pack, many other libraries are now officially standard – they include, for example, CameraX, Hilt, Paging 3.0, Strip and Security Crypto. The UI toolkit jet pack composite is expected to reach a stable level by July 2021. A new addition and is still in development.

Samir Samad, VP Android and Google Play were able to present the design concept of “Material U” for Android 12 on Tuesday, which they say is the biggest visual modification of the years. His company has also completely overhauled the Android Jet Pack tool and library collection. The company also presented this at the Google I / O conference.

In addition to many libraries, the panel has confirmed CameraX, which, for example, eliminates device-based compatibility issues, among others. CameraX allows developers to access access to different Android devices via a common API – even on multiple versions of the mobile operating system.

The update removes some vulnerabilities, such as inadequate performance when starting photo functions and especially when taking pictures on older devices. Over Camera2Interop You can now adjust the frame rate while the camera is running. Advanced options for exposure compensation are also available. CameraX opens up access to new device functions such as HDR preview and zoom rate control. The library now also takes into account Android’s “do not bother” mode.

The hilt jet pack component, based on the Docker Pro injection library, is now fully integrated with navigation and music, making it available for annotated hilt view models that can be scaled to a destination or navigation map. Android developers can load and display small data packages to improve the resource utilization of the computer and network. Among other things, it ensures better handling of carotenes and asynchronous loading with RxJava.

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Alan Weverett gives a brief overview of the innovations of the Android jet pack.

The AppSearch 1.0.0-alpha01 library is included in the Android Jetpack. It’s still in development, but according to a Google blog post it can already be used. It provides full text search on Android devices, with access to applications via local storage, and structured, managed storage with searchable “documents”. Defines a project type such as “message” that can assign data to the application, message, body and sender. The search for “body: fruit” then returns all the documents with the word “fruit” in the body of a message.

Summary of all the other major innovations of the Android Jet Pack offer Blog post during Google I / O announcement As well as video recording of the jet pack session at the conference. If you want to get a detailed insight into the changes that happen to all libraries, you should check out Throw in AndroidX Release Notes.


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