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Google I / O 2022: Google's future goes through tablet and Google Glass V2

Google I / O 2022: Google’s future goes through tablet and Google Glass V2

To close its I / O conference, Google briefly discussed its future products. We now know that a tablet is planned for 2023, but a newer version of Google Glass is in the pipeline.

After announcing the arrival of the Pixel 7 in October and waking up the public, Google continued its momentum by triggering its future tablet and released a movie that could identify the upcoming version 2 of the popular Google Glass.

The Pixel family is growing

Another change in Google’s strategy: The US company has put a veil on the tablet that will not be released until 2023, a product that the company has not offered since 2018. Its nickname: Pixel Tablet, quite simply. Like the Pixel 7, Google does not want to reveal more about the design and the chip that comes with it (Tensor, of course). From the first glance we were able to observe a tablet with a very rounded design, reminiscent of entry level iPads. A single photo module is integrated into the back and front, and has larger white borders. The front of the tablet is reminiscent of Nest range products. Also to stick well with the pixel image, the back is transparently colored.

Before getting new information about the Pixel tablet, you need to arm yourself with more patience than the Pixel 7. Now that its existence has been revealed, small leaks will go as far as to give us as much care as possible. Hopefully there will be a word about it when Mountain View Company presents its next flagships next fall.

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Google Glass is not dead

At the end of the conference, Google provided an instant translation-inspired short film using artificial intelligence (AI) Mechanical learning. Integrated solution with a pair of attached glasses that could be the new version of Google Glass. The first model, perhaps the most pioneering in its time, was hit by a very harsh public opinion and a technology that was not actually developed. Google Glass was discontinued in 2015.

Attached glasses will be back in effect in 2022, and Google could not avoid rushing into this segment. Looks very successful from what we can see in his Google Class V2 video. Although only spoken in translation, definitions of the pair of glasses were provided. First good thing, this second version looks like a real pair of glasses. The law is classic, there are lenses, after all, temples are not important. In terms of the technology offered, it is strongly similar to what Oppo has been able to show through it Air glass, I.e. the instant translation will be displayed directly in front of the wearer’s eye. A small Iron Man page is better exposed by Google than Oppo. But we have to believe that manufacturers accept the same view of the future.