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Goodbye Internet Explorer, so Microsoft sends him to retire: when, what to do

Goodbye Internet Explorer, so Microsoft sends him to retire: when, what to do

Internet Explorer, Historic Home Browser Microsoft, Retires over 25 years. Its first edition dates from August 1995. Over the years, users have gradually abandoned the site in favor of competitors. In all Google Chrome, Consider the overall compatibility and historical competitor with search engine services Mozilla Firefox.

Goodbye Internet Explorer: Microsoft Edge completely changed

Windows However, it cannot be left without Browser. The rod will officially pass Microsoft Edge, Launched 6 years ago, is very similar to Google’s home software in the new Edge Chromium wrapper, with an easy user experience, especially for those used with mobile devices.

The Internet Explorer expiration date is officially set June 25, 2022. Since then it has not been officially supported by the Microsoft operating system, at least for versions of Windows designed for end users.

Gradually all Applications The web Redmond’s digital company will stop running on Internet Explorer, as has already happened Microsoft teams.

Internet Explorer, the latest version of the browser, will cease support on 11 August 2021 Microsoft Office 365, Cloud One drive And email service Outlook.

Goodbye Internet Explorer: How to use it within Edge Chromium

More nostalgia, at least until 2029, You can continue to use IE mode Microsoft Edge, which makes the browser its predecessor.

In fact, this software option is designed to allow companies and IT technicians to work with control-based websites. ActiveX, Now obsolete, to continue working with the Internet.

Internet Explorer has actually been used primarily as a “solution” in recent years Compatibility“For older servers, Microsoft itself sought to prevent the use of historical software and relocate to Edge.

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Goodbye Internet Explorer, the most loved and hated browser since 1995

Microsoft So he says goodbye to the almost born web browsing software 26 years ago To run Windows 95 And on the forerunner Windows 3.1.

An antique piece, despite constant updates, has become the laughing stock of the network in recent years because of it Recession Compared to its competitors, even memes and conflicting profiles on social media are fully dedicated to its awkward ability to integrate with the new web.

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