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Chain letter warns of change in group chat system - what is it?

Chain letter warns of change in group chat system – what is it?

A chain letter is currently being circulated on the WhatsApp Messenger service warning users about a secret update of the app. Accordingly, the company has changed the settings to invite anyone to group chats without being asked. It encourages fraudsters, the chain letter warns of “bad betting chats” and “financial fraud groups”, of which anyone can now easily be included – as long as the calling party knows the mobile phone number.

According to Business Magazine “T3n“ Chain letter warning is not made from thin air: in fact, users are told that, according to their group settings, “anyone” can chat with multiple people at once. With the others, everything was the same. Has WhatsApp now secretly made an update?

WhatsApp update in group settings: intentional or not?

According to “T3n”, the claim is not entirely valid. WhatsApp users were able to adjust their settings and decide who can join a group from 2019 onwards. There are options for “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Apart from My Contacts …” which exclude acquaintances.

However: an update resets this setting for some WhatsApp users. Anyone who previously changed the settings for group chats in favor of privacy will now have to do this again. It is not clear whether this is a deliberate reset or an error.

Change WhatsApp Panel Settings: Here’s How

If you want to make sure he or she can not be added to groups without being asked, it is best to check the “Settings” in the app. Under “Account” you will see the “Data Security” point and below that the “Groups” point. Many WhatsApp users can now see that the “Everyone” option is selected. If you only want to add people to groups, select one of the other two options.

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On social media, WhatsApp has taken a storm with the change. On Twitter, among other things, there has been a call to switch to the Signal Messenger service.

But there are also users who do not confirm the change on their device. Affected by change or not: It is always worth checking the team layout.