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"Apex Legends" game hacked against lack of update for "Titanfall"

“Apex Legends” game hacked against lack of update for “Titanfall”

To protest against a cyberdock hackers. One that struck the multiplayer game Apex Legends, On Sunday, July 4, this made it inaccessible to many users. For a few hours, many players on PCs and consoles let social networks know that when they join a game, they are redirected to windows displaying messages that encourage them to consult sites.

For months, this site has been managed “Community Titanfall 1 » Response Studio (developer of two titles) relay the words of fans who were disappointed to see their favorite game dropped in favor of the most famous Apex Legends. According to them, and according to many articles in the specialized journals they publish, Titanfall, Released in 2014, is no longer impractical, It is a mistake for one or more hackers to shut down its servers and block access. ‘S last players Titanfall Respon regrets not doing anything to regain access to their favorite sport.

“This site is in no way linked to the latest theft of the game Apex Legends »However, as a prelude, the black band defending itself by welcoming visitors to from Sunday. The hackers behind it are whether or not they are associated with site administratorsApex Legends Follow the unprecedented approach in online gaming: Do not cheat hacking… but protest against hackers.

The game forgotten by its creators

Steam platform, Titanfall Receives almost 75% negative reviews – Many people describe a game “Dead” Or “Servers inaccessible”. Users of the site in particular complain that the creators of the game did not respond to their requests and did not come forward to update the game. “We have no doubt that Respon will ignore this topic. Was it written in one of the posts posted on their main page?. Studio, as well [son éditeur] However, Electronic Arts has the resources to fix these problems. They sell a game that does not work the way they want it to, or will not work. “

Titanfall Its The release sold nearly a million copies in the United States the following month, In March 2014. Featuring “Mechas” (giant robots manned by humans), the shooter had a sequel in 2016. Titanfall 2, Was very well received by the special press, but did not reach a part of the popularity of its indirect sequel, Apex Legends, Free games and the real event in early 2019.

And Titanfall And Apex Legends Share multiple characteristics and the same universe, on the other hand they are played very differently: where Titanfall Clashes between teams of six players, Apex Legends Its dozens of three-player teams are inspired Fortnight, He even stole the show from a contestant for a while.

“Apex Legends”, a very lucrative title

In fact, the community Apex Legends Today will change more than both Titanfall, However, retain a small base of loyal fans who appreciate their opinion closely to the first Call of duty (Another cult series, created by the founders of Respon Studio).

Apex Legends, Its ninth season, which began in May, attracts an average of twelve million players each week. According to its publisher Electronic Arts. It has been played by hundreds of millions of people in two years. The most profitable achievement, this It has raised more than $ 1 billion since its inception.

A few hours after admitting the attack, on July 4, Respon Studio confronted it, and the soldiersApex Legends The hacker (s) can easily reconnect without commenting on the issues they have created – unknown to date.

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