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Gasperini e Inzaghi prima della vittoriosa trasferta dell

Gomez stabbed by ComSperini: Atlanta is definitely back

Casparini and Inzaki (Getty Images) before Benevento’s successful voyage to Atlanta

After Atlanta beat Benevento, Casparini talks about Gomez again: “Unlike in the past, he did not accept my technical choice.

L ‘Atlanta Has returned, no doubt about it, Casperini It brings the team back to the level of competing with the team, meanwhile coming back to talk about it Gomez. After the bombing victory in Benevento (not just on any pitch, but against a team that performs better), the Bergamo coach expressed his opinion in Argentina.

This happened to ‘Sky”s microphones, in a later race, a specific question was, “Were you right with ‘Pop’ in the soap opera?” Coach Bergamo limited himself to mentioning: “It was a choice dictated by the fact that I had to try another type of team, we struggled in midfield, and Gomez didn’t change it at the time. Mine is always and exclusively for a technical reason. We have done this in the past and this time the decision has not been accepted. ”

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Adenta wins at Benevento and Casparini returns to talk about Gomez
Adenta wins at Benevento, returns to talk about Casparini Gomez (Getty Images)

Still rusting between Casparini and Gomez, Atlanta continues to win

Casparini’s reference is apt Champions League, Last December 1st, to Atlanta Central Jutland. The Bergamo team was blocked and enjoyed the opponent’s game, so, at the end of the first half, Nerasurri asked coach Gomez to change the position. Argentina’s refusal led to his replacement Ilikik From there it is the beginning of a closed soap opera, with suitcases in hand, similar to the story between the team and the boy.

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It may seem like a coincidence, but since Gomez is no more, in fact, the team has begun to grind the Atlanta game and the results. In the last 7 games without Argentina, Casparini’s team has found itself lacking the calm and continuity of its results and has established itself strongly in the Champions League area.