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Glasgow editors who thought it was 'unsafe' insisted on downloading the Covid app

Glasgow editors who thought it was ‘unsafe’ insisted on downloading the Covid app

Glasgow authors are urged to use the Covid-19 test to protect themselves, prevent false alarms, and secure the application properly.

After fears arose at Thursday’s full council meeting, Labor councilor Aileen McKenzie questioned her SNP representative for her advice and support to teachers and other staff.

The exchange follows allegations that teachers were told to disable safe use, in defiance of government advice.

SNP Councilor Chris Cunningham said: “We have not asked the Managing Director of Education or any other member of the Directorate of Education to stop school or nursery staff from carrying out their work with their phones and protect the application. I can confirm what I heard.

“There are situations in schools and nurseries where employees leave their phones on Bluetooth, in lockers or in staff rooms because their phones cannot carry their share. This defeats the purpose of the application, which is designed to keep all of us safe and open the door to false alarms.

“The obvious is that when it comes to close contact with someone who has tested, having a phone with them, having a phone with them, it is clear that the app needs to be developed.

“The use of testing and protection is an important part of the overall aspect of protecting us against the spread of govt, but it is not the only protection that opens up the false alarm I described.

“It should work when that person has a phone with them. For the application to work efficiently, you need to turn off their phone or disable Bluetooth when you do not have your person on board.”

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At the meeting, Ms McKenzie said teachers were being asked to turn off their use. He said limited access to primary health care was not considered an issue, but a teacher did not understand what mixed learning was in school.

He commented: “Teachers are asked to go to their work every day and are afraid to do so. They like their job, but they don’t feel safe. The responsible SNP convener simply had no answer and their concerns fell on deaf ears. A vaccine can be made, but it can take months for us to recover. In the meantime, those responsible for keeping our teachers and staff safe should roll up their sleeves. That’s why the Glasgow Labor Party supports the EIS call to turn the last few days into distance learning days, trying to protect staff and students as much as possible. ”