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Gboard adds hilarious and disturbing emoji mash-up stickers (APK download)

Gboard adds hilarious and disturbing emoji mash-up stickers (APK download)

In early 2020, Google began testing a new emoji mashup feature, which indicated some funky stickers every time you tried to insert a simple emoji into Gboard. This option was later created under the official emoji Kitchen Moniker and has remained the same ever since. Now, we see a bunch of the latest mashups possible through the new combo system, which allows you to pick any (well, almost anything) two emojis and get a sticker out of them.

Emoji Intensity

When we first noticed this option, we were trying to send multiple versions of the same emoji. Let’s say you choose a starry-eyed face, you should get some options in the mashup strip‌ above the keyboard. Type it again and a new sticker option will appear on the left with a small vertical partition to separate it from other instructions. This is an extreme version of emoji. In the case of the starry-eyed face, each of the two stars turns into a small face with starty eyes, under the same effect as the opening. In the case of the cowboy, you get the human shape made with cowboy emojis with shoes.

The combinations are so ridiculous. The blown head distorts its eyes, the smiling pur da turns red, the huffing face disperses two large air puffs, the zip-mouth face closes the eyes, the poop pile becomes an ice cream cone of poop (or chocolate, depending on how you look), etc. ..

Emoji combination

This feature allows you to combine the two emojis you like – as long as they are supported by the kitchen feature. Type two emojis and the combination will appear on the left side of the reference strip.

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Sick face with fever and cold sweats, bacterial infected poop, pumpkin moon, unspoken goosebumps, heartbreaking but celebratory face, innocent self-deprecating, face with raised eyebrows, … think about the combination and the result is beyond you Is intriguing.

Animals, things, more

This feature not only supports faces, but also some animals, foods, objects and other random emojis. Doubling the panda gives you parents and baby panda, doubling the rabbits raises them into a happy loving family. Similarly, two red peppers make for a fiery sticker, and two cacti result in a desert.

But you can also think of other combos. The unattractive turtle, cowboy rabbit, panda cat, fire tree, icy cloud, rainbow heart, pineapple tornado (why not?), Birthday cake and balloons, diamond crown, queen bee and countless other combinations are possible.

I saw some disturbing things

This ability to combine any two emojis is fun, but it can also lead to mashups that don’t really exist. Hotdog dipped in coffee? A compound of spiders? A flying poop balloon? Why not all of the above? Why not eat a hotdog, spider avocado or cloud raining pig? Oops.

I will repeat this until someone at Google hears it, Dog emoji support is not yet available. What the hell is a cat loving ?! How can an emoji kitchen support at least a dozen other animals but not dogs? This is only a load of bull-shit.

Trying all these combos is the perfect way to start your weekend early. If you have a few hours to waste, I suggest grabbing your phone and trying them out. They have support for some messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Messages, Google Voice and others.

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The new mashups are live for us in Gboard’s v9.9.12 beta, which launched in the Play Store a few days ago. You can get it too APK Mirror.

Gboard - Google keyboard
Gboard - Google keyboard
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