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Gameflower Resident Evil Item Box Bay Guzumi • Nintendo Connect

Gameflower Resident Evil Item Box Bay Guzumi • Nintendo Connect

After we bring you exclusive news about Animal Crossing Gameflower in February 2020, we can show you the latest strictly limited product today. Appears exclusively for the 25th anniversary of the popular Resident Evil series Copy of this official and strictly defined “Resident Evil Item Box” From the caffeine.

Pre-orders are available until February 28, 2022 at 142.77 (plus VAT and shipping costs). This date corresponds to the expected release date of the Resident Evil item box.

It has made zombie-rich lives easier for millions of players since 1996.
In the box is our licensed first aid drink, refreshing green tea with lemon-ginger flavor.

Become a part of the Resident Evil world and discover the flavor of Capcom’s horror classics.

Content of the box:

  • 10x 330ml first aid-drink
  • Turns the spray attachment copy into a spray can
  • The 4x iconic “My Ribbon” cans are based on game memory items
  • Four spice combinations to test new flavors, optically based on the medicinal herbs of the game series: green, red, blue and yellow
  • Cooking cards based on spice and first aid drink
  • Certificate of authenticity including number

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