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Galaxy Z Fold 4: Less curves and more power

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Less curves and more power

Samsung continues to turn the tide of smartphones. The Korean manufacturer is expected to launch its Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the coming months, but we already know a lot about the future ultra high-end mobile.

This is a small photo showing Samsung’s big efforts. Galaxy Z Fold 4, Korean manufacturer’s high-end folding smartphone, Not to be officially shown until August, New information is spreading on the smartphone, especially on its inner screen. The main screen of the Z Fold 4 makes us forget that it is actually a folding phone in our hands.

A big, beautiful screen

Photo shared by all-purpose leak expert Ice Universe shows the folding area of ​​the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Z folding3. We can say that Samsung listened to the critics. Fold 4 seems to have much less coded folds than its predecessor, which should improve sinking and everyday use. By reducing the screen’s blank size, Samsung is trying to make its folding phone as mobile as any other, in which you can observe writing photos or notes with the stylus without having to worry about folding.

This improvement will be due to the redesigned hinge, Samsung has used it in its Z Flip 4. But that’s not all. Many other inaccuracies allow to obtain a more advanced sketch of the Z fold 4. Always according to the Ice Universe, The rate of the phone will change slightly. Photos of the official shell for the next fold suggest a phone that is shorter and wider than its predecessor. The good news is that Samsung has adopted a 24.5: 9 aspect ratio for its exterior panel, which does not make it a more convenient screen for entering messages. As mentioned in our test. Mechanically, the 7.6-inch interior screen should have an elongated and lower aspect ratio than the Fold 3.

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12GB RAM, 1TB storage

Query properties, Said Geekbench Fold 4 chip to integrate Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, A high-quality component that emphasizes autonomy. The latter should have up to 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage memory. Enough to accumulate and cheat without any problems between different applications. To see if this excess power is harmful to the battery, A pioneerWill show the same capacity of Fold 3, i.e. 4400 mAh.

With a technical sheet like this, the best fitted versions of the Z fold 4 can show salt prices. Fold will be a mobile that will prove Samsung’s knowledge for a few more generations, but can only be bought by wealthy customers. When folding phones become more affordable, there will be no problem with hinges and folds.

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