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From smartphones to home consoles – Headland for Nintendo Switch to be released this month – Endeavor

With the first week of the new year just beginning, we already know that games like the Epic Dumpster Bear 2 will be appearing on the Nintendo eShop this Thursday, but this month we’re going to give you another topic you can enjoy on the hybrid console. This is what it is Action-adventure Title, We reported about this in advance and it has been available for some time on the App Store and Google Play. It currently has a final release date. Already exists January 13 You can enter the fantasy world and defeat the monsters to restore peace in the Headland Islands. Making the game 19.99 Euro Cost and benefits German screen texts. We have attached the trailer and game description from the Nintendo eShop.


Headland is a fairytale world full of bright colors and funny creatures. But a strange alien force threatens to plunder all the wonders and colors of this world. Embark on an action adventure with Nor to recreate the Fantasy Center and save the headland!

  • Explore the colorful islands of Headland.
  • Fight against many imaginary monsters and improve your powers.
  • Collect maps and expand your arsenal of unique weapons.
  • Spend resources and upgrade your weapons at Living Forge.
  • Get to know the people of Headland and help them solve their problems.
  • Find out what the scary Bal Guardian really is about.
  • There is a button to dance to!

Are you going to buy Headland next week?

Source: Northplay Newsletter, Nintendo DE, YouTube (Northplay)

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