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Apple Watch Series 7 Test: Zoom screen, performance protected

Apple Watch Series 7 Test: Zoom screen, performance protected

The interface does not change greatly compared to the previous generation watch. WatchOS still works hand in hand with iOS and it does just fine. Synergy between the two devices is done automatically without you doing any manipulation. However, it should be noted that going to some of Tokante’s menus is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, Apple only offers a few settings and it is quite possible to use your Apple Watch directly out of the box – no sync after a mandatory passage, of course.

The newcomer’s big slap allows Apple to provide a more readable interface – this is irresistible logic! The keys are large, for example you need to use a calculator, program a timer, send a message, which can be useful in some cases … Note that for specific timers, this watch Series 7 allows you. Multiple program at once – this is not yet possible on the iPhone.

A real innovation this year in interface, the touch keyboard is now available. It allows you to enter messages by clicking on the letters or dragging your index finger between the keys to create words. However, you should be aware that the functionality – for now – does not exist in France. However, there is a way to implement it. All you have to do is insert the “English (EU)” keyboard into your iPhone and then select AZERTY. The keyboard appears “almost” magically. Be careful because it has no accents and often gives you the opportunity to change typed words with English words. If this sounds boring to you, you should wait until French is available.

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