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Free Downloads Among Us: The Biggest Reason To Beat The Needs To Come To The InnerSlot Consoles |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Free Downloads Among Us: The Biggest Reason To Beat The Needs To Come To The InnerSlot Consoles | Gaming | Entertainment

After playing for free for mobile devices among us is getting a huge revival of luck. The indie social deduction game was first launched in 2018, but then really got into it after the free version for iOS App Store And Android’s Play Store Recently released. And new statistics prove why consoles need reform among us as soon as possible.

Data revealed in a post by Safe betting sites Showed that downloads between us increased massively in September.

Statistics compiled by the site were downloaded by us over the first half of September on Steam over $ 40 million.

This is an increase of 3709.9 per cent compared to January 2020.

What makes these statistics even more impressive is that we are not a free game to play on steam.

Gamers in the UK currently have to pay 99 3.99 to buy Steam among us, but it’s free on Android and iOS. There has been a huge increase in Steam downloads due to the hype the game has been generating since the launch of free-to-play on mobile devices.

Recently between us has had incredible success in reaching over 1.5 million simultaneous players on Steam. The twitch charts between us grew in September, becoming one of the most watched games on the streaming platform.

With such great interest among us – and considering the huge Steam and Twitch numbers – we hope that console versions will come in the future. The PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo switches are also enjoying a huge playbase between us at a time when they are likely to be huge hits.

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Speaking about the recent success between us, Safe betting sites said: “We have an online multiplayer game that can be played between 4-10 players.

“The game is inspired by a real-life party game in some parts called the Mafia. Players are randomly assigned characters such as staff and cheaters.

“The crew can win the game by completing their small tasks before everyone is killed or if they find someone who is a cheater.

“The game is already popular in gaming hotspots such as South Korea and Brazil, but when a popular twitch streamer was played and aired among us in the United States, the game reached its peak of popularity.

“We had almost 42 million downloads on Steam in January 2020, compared to just 1.1 million downloads – an increase of 3709.9 percent.”